Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bread of the Day

After a unplanned post-work nap I decided to bake a loaf of bread. I needed a loaf for this week, and wanted to continue both my brotform and bricked-oven experiments.
So I threw this together - KA Unbleached and White WW flours, wheat germ, yeast, salt, molasses, a little evaporated cane juice, and some finely chopped unsweetened chocolate.
The first rise went really well, so I prepared the brotform. After reading a baking forum thread on rising baskets and this aerosol spray that combines flour and vegetable oil I decided to rub the form with a little vegetable oil and then flour it. It definitely worked better this time, and the loaf was only slightly disfigured when I flipped it onto the cutting board I use for a peel. It also retained more of the beautiful pattern of the basket, which you can see in the baked loaf. Next time I will knead it longer to see if it keeps it's structure a little better.
I sprinkled it with a little sea salt and baked it at about 475˚ give or take(the oven's thermometer is out of whack. I used to think it was 75˚ higher than it said, but it might be more like +25˚ these days.
But back to the bread. See what I mean about the pattern? I think I underbaked it a little bit, but it's still pretty good. The crust is crisp and very thin, which I really like and have never managed before.

Here's a detail of the crust

As for the taste it is very subtle. The bitterness of the chocolate peeks out randomly from what is a pretty standard nutty wheat bread. Could have used a bit more molasses and a bit more salt. It will be good with peanut butter and the kate's homemade butter with sea salt I bought the other day.

I feel like I have a made at least a step, if not a little leap.



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