Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

Since I am closing every night this week, I am forced to pull out all the stops at breakfast and use the great local produce I have bought in the last few days.
So... breakfast this morning was a little overboard. Maybe. I even plated it like I was making it for someone else. Not that I don't like arranged plates, but I guess it is a bit ridiculous when I do it just for myself. We'll say I did it for you, the reader.
So this is how it went down: A puck of couscous with roasted salted pistachios, raw pepitas, and unsulphured turkish apricots, topped with some red onion charred in a cast iron frypan. Said tiny cast iron fry pan was then used to sauté some sliced asparagus in a little butter with black pepper. Then a duck egg, beaten heartily with dijon mustard and a little goat milk(for consistency, as duck eggs are mostly yolk), is added to the pan. When the egg starts to set, a tiny bit of pecorino romano is grated over it and it is transferred, pan and all, under the broiler. The heat of the broiler puffs it up a little, then creates a crisp brown crust. Then I flip it onto the plate, cut it in half(it looked very much like pacman) and threw on a handful of arugula(with the flower buds, which are delicious), a sprinkle of salt, and a dribble of the Sicilian olive oil imported by Frankie's Spuntino of Carroll Gardens.
It was good. A little ground sumac or a squirt of lemon juice would have been nice on the couscous, but other than that I am satisfied.


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