Thursday, May 17, 2007

Breakfast of Lost Souls

I woke up later than I wanted and scrambled to start a loaf of bread to take to my parents tomorrow. Whole wheat and rye with flax and pumpkin seeds. It is rising a bit slowly... I hope it makes it in time for me to go to work.
Because of my upcoming little vacation, I wanted to use what of my greenmarket produce that either wouldn't survive as long or that I had no interest in bringing with me for the dinner I am cooking tomorrow night. I plan on stopping by USQ in the morning en route to the train, and I also have access to greens from the farm of some family friends, who will be coming over for dinner. So the pressure is on to do those greens justice.
But back to breakfast. Kind of a mess, but it was thrown together quickly. Thinly sliced ruby crescent potatoes and red onions, fried in grapeseed oil with salt and anardana; tossed with barely blanched asparagus, arugula, and buckwheat sprouts. Topped with a poached double-yolk egg, a little olive oil and lemon juice, and some salt and pepper.
Tasted like Spring, despite how Summery it has felt here for the last couple of days.


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