Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chicken Formerly Underneath a Brick

Well, a cast iron pan and two extra tiles from my brick oven project(see first post). But whatever it was under, it was damn satisfying.
An actually free range chicken leg from Quattro's Farm, marinated for a little over an hour with salt, black pepper, cinnamon, kefir, olive oil and honey.
Skin crisped on the range, then finished in the oven with some onions thrown in.
Removed chicken from the pan, added the last of those local hothouse tomatoes and some arugula and tossed it with the onions and pan juices.
With a couple slices of the bread-made-for-a-friend(which I didn't feel was successful enough to be given as a gift, just by the looks of it) to sop up the juices.
(Whistles)No complaints, other than probably eating too much. And I still have the drumstick.


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