Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dinner Last Night, Breakfast This Morning

Last night's dinner is dedicated to friend and fellow enthusiastic home cook Ryan, because whenever I eat duck I think of him.
So yesterday I trekked to Brooklyn Borough Hall for the Farmer's Market. I'll be honest - it's not my favorite market. Lots of potted plants and baked goods. But I did come home with spinach, beautiful skinny asparagus, a tomato, a sweet onion, flowered chives, and a pint of strawberries. And a little bottle of Wicklow Orchards apple cider which was immediately consumed.
When I returned home I remembered that there was a Quattro's duck leg in the freezer, so I thawed it. Then I marinated it with long pepper, wild garlic brine, star anise, molasses, and a little soy sauce. Then I cooked it with the "under the brick" method, first removing a large flap of excess skin and fat(which became duck chicharrones). I then sliced(and pulled) the meat from the bone and tossed it with blanched asparagus, wheat berries, hawaiian pink salt, smoked paprika, roasted walnut oil, chive blossoms(briefly) pickled in apple cider vinegar(and a bit of the vinegar), and tiny bit of the duck fat rendered from the chicharrones.
Delicious. Best piece of duck I ever cooked. Even the cartilage I chewed from the bone was good. I will have to remember this method.
Also, duck and smoked paprika were separated at birth.

Now breakfast. Crepes.
Pheasant eggs, almond flour, all-purpose flour, buttermilk, demerara sugar, salt. A little(tiny) bit of grated Jura Montagne(a strong Swiss alpine cheese) inside. Topped with a schmear of roasted almond butter, delicious and delicate local strawberries, and a bit of buttermilk.
Nice. The crepes got a little crispy which I like. And not very sweet at all.
I just feel bad that I had to use the pheasant eggs, but they are all I have at the moment.
I will eat the next two poached, and the final two fried. Or vice-versa. Whatever will do them justice.


MartinaMartina said...

When I first saw this post, I confused the crepes with the duck, and thought you had made duck with strawberries. Think about it.

1:57 PM  

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