Saturday, May 12, 2007

Late-Breaking Duck Dumpling Update

So I did what I said I would, and made some duck dumplings with the remaining dough from previously described Dumpling No. 2.
The meat of a Quattro's Farm duck leg, plus a little Paffenroth yellow onion, a tiny bit of chicken liver, salt, pepper, cloves and a little cognac. Processed until pretty smooth. Boiled in salted water. With a runny fried duck egg(also Quattro's), dry-fried onions, and a pickled wild garlic bulb on a pool of Tsonjes kefir, with a little maldon sea salt and spanish paprika.
Needs some work, but I like the idea. It is asking for a little more acid or some heat or mint or something. In any case, the duck and duck egg were great. And the pickled garlic is destined for something great. Maybe a martini, since it won't even need a toothpick. But that is for another day. And I haven't tried the rhubarb yet.


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