Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday Monday Monday

Sadly, yesterday I did not get to cook anything due to my busy schedule. It was disheartening. But today I started to get back on track. Let us get to the food.

•Ruby Crescent Potato Pancake with yellow onion, pecorino romano and wheatgerm. Fried in a tiny cast iron pan in grapeseed oil, then finished under the broiler with a little pat of Kate's Homemade butter.
•2 fried double-yolk eggs.
•Yuno's Farm arugula
•Yuno's Farm cucumber with Tonjes kefir, salt, and the brine from the pickled wild garlic.
Really good. I mean it. A fine way to start the day.

Then I ate a blueberry-corn muffin from Birdbath and an iced americano from 9th street while sitting in beautiful La Plaza Cultural on C reading The Red and the Black. Both were quite fine and the overall experience was lovely. And Birdbath carries flours from PA which I think I will try out sometime.

And I had a glass of Barbours Late Season Muscat from Virginia at the Tasting Room Winebar.

Sorry about the photo. The light was low, and I had started to eat it already.
• Dumpling No. 2(see post of May 12) with Old Chatham greek-style yogurt, sriracha and pickled wild rhubarb(which, despite being stringy-as-all-get-out, is good)
•Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA



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