Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Night Biegeness

While my bread was rising, I made some dinner.
Farmer's macaroni(the long, smooth, skinny tubes I can never remember the names of) that I picked up at one of my new favorite markets, an italian imports place down on 60th st in Brooklyn(they make their own soppressata and carry some dried pasta in shapes I have never seen and options like double-yolk and cornmeal).
To this I added some crisped peppered bacon, pecorino romano, julienned wild garlic greens, a double-yolk egg(the beautiful pastel eggs from those crazy araucana(sp?) chickens) and a little spoonful of ricotta.
It was definitely the best carbonara-ish thing I have made. I return the drained pasta to the pot, dry it out with a little heat and then toss it with the beaten egg off of the burner. The pasta gets coated really beautifully with the egg, so there's not much of a sauce. I hate lots of sauce.

I know, I know, you're thinking "man, this guy eats a lot of biege foods with eggs." I guess it has been true lately, but biege foods are really good. And when you eat one meal a day, they are very satisfying. Although today I also ate an everything bagel with pastrami-rub salmon from russ and daughters.
But don't worry about me, there will be some greens this week, including local asparagus and buckwheat sprouts and maybe some fish.
Until then.


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