Sunday, June 03, 2007

Even I Am Impressed

What a day. Got some free fruit from my landlord's father(he is a produce supplier to restaurants), went on a bike ride(mainly to go to the GAP greenmarket for eggs and to drool over all of the stuff I want to buy), did some freelance work, and started a new book project.

And then I cooked this meal.
It is in the top five meals I have ever cooked for myself. Maybe top three. All very simple, but it was exactly what I wanted to eat. And here it is:
Faicco's hot fennel pork sausage, cooked in a dry pan, finished with onions, basil and sherry vinegar.

Wilted spinach and a poached pheasant egg with a lemon/anchovy/pickled wild garlic dressing

Boiled beets with roasted walnut oil, mint, black pepper, salt

Tomato with capers and olive oil

Plus the first foccacia I ever made, whole wheat with sea salt and black pepper.
Here's the spread:

It may look like a lot of food for one person(and yes I had to use a baking sheet as a platter), and it was. What a chore.
Followed by homemade organic cantaloupe sorbet(amazingly good cantaloupe courtesy of Tony). These are the kinds of meals that make it all worth it, whatever it all is.


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