Thursday, June 07, 2007

Squid? Again?

Yes, friends. The rest of the squid.
Fried squid with a chickpea flour/sumac crust and smoked paprika-lime mayonnaise.
Chickpea and green garlic puree with green shiso and olive oil.
Candy-cane beet and purslane with mustard, honey, and homemade horseradish.

Squid was perfect. The chickpea flour coating was flavorful but did not overpower the clean flavor of the squid. And the mayonnaise was the best I've ever made or had, with a radioactively yellow-orange yolk from a Tello's egg. The added color from the paprika made it pretty intense, though it doesn't show so well in the photo. I guess I could have photoshopped it.
Chickpea puree was good, but could easily have been more garlic-y. I have some leftover and will probably make breakfast with it somehow. Would also be nice whipped with some labne or greek yogurt. But I don't have any at the moment.
Beets were cooked a little too soft. But the combination of the horseradish, mustard and avocado honey was nice, especially with the bright flavor of the purslane. And I still have two large-ish beets left. I will have to come up with something good.
TOMORROW: Don't really know, but it will contain peas and radishes, and I have two pieces of foccacia left for breakfast. Also, I am defrosting the lamb shoulder and probably marinating it tomorrow for Saturday.


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