Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Holiday, sort of.

So last week I went to Martha's Vineyard with my family to stay in part of our friend's rambling ramshackle house. It was wonderful as always. The Vineyard is probably my favorite place out of everywhere I've been because I can go there and not think about anything. It's like riding a bicycle(which I also do more there than normal) - as soon as I get there it's as if I never left.
But of course I had to cook. I brought some ingredients with me(everything there is REALLY expensive), including 10 or 11 lbs of the tomatoes shown above(picked at previously mentioned Starlight Gardens in Durham, CT). I didn't take many photos, so I may struggle to remember everything. Here we go...

Cornmeal-Fresh Corn-White Nectarine Pancakes with Homemade Butter.

Some grapes growing behind the house. I made a proto-verjus.

A brandade-ish codfish spread. Fresh cod smoked with pecan wood, white onion, heirloom tomatoes, mayonnaise, smoked paprika.

Green Beans with Sweet Onion, Pink Salt, roasted Green Peppers, Sungold Tomatoes, Protoverjus.

Summer Squash Terrine with Basil Paste, Basil Oil, Balsamic Vinegar.

Crispy Potato-bottomed Tomato-Cheddar Frittata with Fresh Herbs.

Homemade Fettucine(to use up the eggs in my fridge before I left town) with Fresh Tomato Sauce(very basic - a mix of tomatoes through the foodmill, salt, olive oil, parmesan rind) and turkey Meatballs(with golden raisins)

Cucumber Salad(mayonnaise, protoverjus and cream dressing)

Beer and Milk Fried Chicken with Halaby Pepper

Layered Baked Ratatouille with Basil Oil and Garlic.

Chowchowish condiment - tomato, cucumber, green pepper, plum, onion, protoverjus, salt, sugar

Whole wheat-Cornmeal-Banana-Whipped Egg White Pancakes

Cornmeal Fried Cod and Pan-Grilled Steak Tacos with Homemade Whole-Wheat Tortillas(thanks Maggie for the perfect rolling with that plastic coke cup!), Tomato-Sweet Onion Salsa, Cucumber-Green Pepper Salsa

Five Star Bakery of New Bedford Portuguese Sweet Bread french Toast with Blueberry-Peach Salad, Bacon

Mustard Seed Grilled Swordfish

Smoked Paprika Grilled Squid

Cold Corn Soup

Grilled Summer Squash, Green Peppers, Onions with Balsamic

Bok Choy and Strangely Oversized Green Bean Salad.



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